September 13, 2013

Wordpress Optimization Guide

After you have installed WordPress, you may tweak a few settings to further optimize the performance and security of your WordPress website. Here’s a complete guide to optimizing your WordPress installation

Ultimate Wordpress Optimization Guide

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June 25, 2013

JCL Interview Questions by Experts

Collection of JCL Interview Questions by Experts asked in top companies like IBM, HP, CTS, TCS.

Q: Why do you use a CONTROL CARD?

A: A CONTROL CARD can be a member of a PDS or a sequential dataset and is used for storing the date fields, definitions of VSAM files etc., We use CONTROL CARD because we cannot use an in-stream procedure in a procedure. Generally you will be calling a PROC from your JCL and you cannot code instream procedure in the PROC and so you will point to the dataset, which is called controlcard.

Q: How do you submit JCL via a Cobol program?
A: In your JCL define as: //JOBA JOB 1111,JOB1 //STEP01 EXEC PGM=PROG1 //ddname DD SYSOUT=(*,INTRDR)....and your COBOL (PROG1) should look like this: SELECT JCL-FILE ASSIGN TO ddname. Open this file and write the JCL statements into this file. Example: MOVE '//TESTJOB JOB 1111,VISVEISH' TO JCL-REC.MOVE '//STEP01 EXEC PGM=IEFBR14' TO JCL-REC.and close this file. Then TESTJOB will be submitted.

Q: How do you submit a JCL under CICS environment?
A: Pass all the JCL codes to a COBOL variable (should be declared using OCCURS clause) and then write the line one by one to the spool using CICS commands like SPOOLClose, SPOOLOpen and SPOOLWrite. For more help refer CECI of CICS or CICS manual.

Q: What is the parameter to be passed in the job card for the unlimited time, irrespective of the job classA: TIME=1440

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  • JCL Interview Questions and Answers

  • Q: What is the parameter to be passed in the job card for the unlimited time, irrespective of the job class

    Q: Define COND parameter in JCL?
     COND is a condition parameter, consists of 2 subparameters, 1st - return code from the previous step, 2nd - condition. If COND is true, the step on which COND is coded will be BYPASSED. It is compared with system return code of previous step //STEP1 EXEC PGM=ABCD //STEP2 EXEC PGM=XYZ, cond=(4,lt) STEP 2 will be executed when system return code of step1 is less than 4.

    Q: What is meant by S0C-07 system ABEND codes
     S0C7 - Data exception error - you will get it whenever you are trying to move the low values or spaces into the numeric field, or compare the numeric fields with low values, or try to do some arithmetic operations on the low values. To avoid this you have to always initialize the numeric fields otherwise they will contain the low values.

    Q: How to pass the temp dataset form one JOB step to another?
     By specifying the DISP as PASS for the temp dataset

    Q: Write a JCL to execute a Job by 7:00 AM on Jan 20,1986? 

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    June 24, 2013

    Datastage Interview Questions and Answers Collection

    Collection of Datastage Interview Questions and Answers.

    How did you handle reject data?
     Typically a Reject-link is defined and the rejected data is loaded back into data warehouse. So Reject link has to be defined every Output link you wish to collect rejected data. Rejected data is typically bad data like duplicates of Primary keys or null-rows where data is expected.

    If worked with DS6.0 and latest versions what are Link-Partitioner and Link-Collector used for? 
    Ans: Link Partitioner - Used for partitioning the data.
    Link Collector - Used for collecting the partitioned data.

    What are Routines and where/how are they written and have you written any routines before?
     Routines are stored in the Routines branch of the DataStage Repository, where you can create, view or edit. The following are different types of routines:
    1) Transform functions
    2) Before-after job subroutines
    3) Job Control routines

    What are OConv () and Iconv () functions and where are they used?
     IConv() - Converts a string to an internal storage format
    OConv() - Converts an expression to an output format.

    How did you connect to DB2 in your last project?
    Using DB2 ODBC drivers.

    Explain METASTAGE?
     MetaStage is used to handle the Metadata which will be very useful for data lineage and data analysis later on. Meta Data defines the type of data we are handling. This Data Definitions are stored in repository and can be accessed with the use of MetaStage.

    Do you know about INTEGRITY/QUALITY stage?
     Qulaity Stage can be integrated with DataStage, In Quality Stage we have many stages like investigate, match, survivorship like that so that we can do the Quality related works and we can integrate with datastage we need Quality stage plugin to achieve the task.

    Explain the differences between Oracle8i/9i?
     Oracle 8i does not support pseudo column sysdate but 9i supports
    Oracle 8i we can create 256 columns in a table but in 9i we can upto 1000 columns(fields)

    How do you merge two files in DS?
     Either use Copy command as a Before-job subroutine if the metadata of the 2 files are same or create a job to concatenate the 2 files into one if the metadata is different.

    What is DS Designer used for?
     You use the Designer to build jobs by creating a visual design that models the flow and transformation of data from the data source through to the target warehouse. The Designer graphical interface lets you select stage icons, drop them onto the Designer work area, and add links.

    What is DS Administrator used for?
    The Administrator enables you to set up DataStage users, control the purging of the Repository, and, if National Language Support (NLS) is enabled, install and manage maps and locales.

    What is DS Director used for?
    : datastage director is used to run the jobs and validate the jobs.
    we can go to datastage director from datastage designer it self.

    What is DS Manager used for?
    : The Manager is a graphical tool that enables you to view and manage the contents of the DataStage Repository

    What are Static Hash files and Dynamic Hash files?
     As the names itself suggest what they mean. In general we use Type-30 dynamic Hash files. The Data file has a default size of 2Gb and the overflow file is used if the data exceeds the 2GB size.

    What is Hash file stage and what is it used for?
    Used for Look-ups. It is like a reference table. It is also used in-place of ODBC, OCI tables for better performance.

    How are the Dimension tables designed?
     Find where data for this dimension are located.
    Figure out how to extract this data.
    Determine how to maintain changes to this dimension.
    Change fact table and DW population routines.

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    September 15, 2012

    15 Colorful Facebook Timeline Covers

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    December 14, 2011

    Some future office structures


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    December 19, 2010

    Largest Collection of Interview Questions Answers in

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    May 5, 2009

    Fruity loops video tutorials, free tips, help and other resources


    Fruity Loops Tips and Tricks ,Sample loops,videos and much more

    I have listed some websites below where I found some good tutorials and resources for Fruity Loops.Check them below.

    A - This blog have some free tips , vst plugins and samples.Some of the most popular articles from the blog are
    Samples/Beats - FL Studio
    FruityLoops FPC Tutorial - Part 1
    Fruity Loops Manual
    Samples and Beat Resource ...
    How to Use Step Sequencer
    Edison Tutorial

    B -It have some important video tutorials for Fruity Loops Studio 7 which would help earning the basics and well the navigation of the software.

    Introduction to Fruity Loops Studio 7

    C This site have two very good tutorials with screenshots for Fruity Loops beginners

    D - The site have listed some good collection of Video tutorials of Fruity Loops.

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    April 18, 2009

    How to View Email Headers in Gmail ,Yahoo ,AOL ,Hotmail and others

    1. Login to Gmail.
    2. Open the message you'd like to view headers for.
    3. Click the down arrow next to Reply, at the top-right of the message pane.
    4. Select Show original. The full headers will appear in a new window.

    1. Login to AOL account.
    2. Open the message you'd like to view headers for.
    3. Click Details under the To field. The full headers will appear above the message text.

    Excite Webmail
    1. Log in to your Excite account.
    2. Open the message you'd like to view headers for.
    3. Click Mail Preferences in the top right corner, under your email address.
    4. On the the Mail Preferences page, click Account Preferences in the Personal section.
    5. Check the box next to Display headers, and then click Save.
    The full headers for all of your messages will now be available. Return to your inbox, and open the message you'd like to view headers for.


    1. Log in to your Hotmail account.
    2. Click Options next to the tabs.
    3. Select Mail from the left-side menu.
    4. Click Mail Display Settings.
    5. Under Message Headers, select Advanced.
    6. Click OK.
    The full headers for all of your messages will now be available. Return to your inbox, and open the message you'd like to view headers for.

    Microsoft Internet Mail
    1. Log in to your Microsoft Internet Mail account.
    2. Open the message you'd like to view headers for.
    3. Click the File menu, and select Properties.
    4. Select the Details tab to display the full headers.
    The full headers will appear above the message text.

    Yahoo! Mail
    1. Log in to your Yahoo! Mail account.
    2. Open the message you'd like to view headers for.
    3. Click Full Headers at the top of your message. The full headers will appear above the message text.
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    March 25, 2009

    How to setup/configure Gmail IMAP in Microsoft Outlook 2003


    Follow the instructions below to set up IMAP access in Outlook 2003

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    February 15, 2009

    H1B visa fraud consultants racket busted in USA,arrests 11 Indians

    H1B visa scam, fraud consultants arrested

    H1B Visa Scam and Fraud in USA lead to arrest of 11 fraud consultants all of Indians origin by US Federal Govt. in seven states and indicted IT services firm Vision Systems Group founded by an Indian American.

    The arrests were carried out Feb. 11 by federal, state and local law enforcement agencies in Iowa, California, Massachusetts, Texas, Pennsylvania, Kentucky and New Jersey.The arrested people had filed false documents in support of their H-1B visa petitions for Indian and Pakistani computer engineers and programmers.The government is seeking the forfeiture of $7.4 million from Vision Systems Group Inc., based in New Jersey with an office in Coon Rapids while warning that other IT companies are under investigation.The company was indicted on 10 counts, including conspiracy and mail fraud charges. According to leading source, five other IT companies, including Worldwide Software Services and Sana Systems, are under federal watch for document fraud.According to the press release:

    The companies that are the subject of this investigation have asserted that the foreign workers have been brought to the U.S. to fill existing vacancies. However, the companies allegedly have not always had jobs available for these workers, thereby placing them in non-pay status after they arrive in the United States. In some cases, the foreign workers have allegedly been placed in jobs and locations not previously certified by the Department of Labor, displacing qualified American workers and violating prevailing wage laws. The companies and foreign workers have allegedly submitted false statements and documents in support of their visa petitions. The false statements and documents were mailed or wired to state and federal agencies in support of the visa applications. The companies are suspected of visa fraud, mail fraud , wire fraud, money laundering and conspiracy.

    The H1B program is a favorite among the technology companies in USA,but equally controversial among the policy makers in the federal government.This temporary work visa program allows technology mainly Software and IT companies and Universities to employ foreign guest workers who have the equivalent of a U.S. bachelor's degree and H1Bs are only to fill positions that can't be filled domestically.The Silicon Valley has repeatedly urged Congress to raise the H-1B cap, which is currently set at 65,000 visas per fiscal year.The visa limit was reduced from 1,95,000 to 65,000 two years ago.
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